Changing The Game

Emble is providing everyone with the ability to earn rewards when recommending their favourite brands, products and services; from the smallest influencer recommending to a friend; to the largest social media influencers promoting to their millions of followers online.

Recommend Anything And Be Rewarded!

If you successfully recommend it, why not be rewarded for it?

Bringing together Vendors, Influencers and Buyers under one 'roof', Emble will revolutionise the influencer and affiliate marketplaces with an innovative platform, open for everyone to use.

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Benefits for all

Emble benefits all stakeholders involved in the sales life-cycle; a true WIN, WIN, WIN situation.



Maximise marketing efficiency and reach; minimise spend.

Instant access to the world’s biggest and best network of Influencers and Buyers.


Cost-effective, low risk, global marketing campaign launching.

Machine learning, AI, fraud prevention and smart ranking benefits to aid finding the right Influencers for maximising performance.



Maximise promotion efficiency and income generation.

No barriers to entry with instant access to a huge network of Vendors.

Sales generated are transparent and tracked; payment is ensured through contract fulfillment.

Receive ranking points for enhanced earnings and the potential of being approached by Vendors for collaborative campaigns.



Maximise cashback savings.

Earn cashback rewards on all purchases made via an Emble Influencer’s promotion.

Earn direct Vendor cashback rewards on millions of products.

Ability to instantly become an Influencer and start earning additional rewards.