About Emble

Emble is creating the world’s largest network of Vendors, Influencers and Buyers to revolutionise the effectiveness and fair distribution of wealth in the global advertising market.

Have you ever successfully recommended something to a family member, friend or follower?

We do this all the time, but we are never rewarded for it!


That is until now. . .

Emble is providing everyone with the ability to earn rewards when recommending their favourite brands, products and services; from the smallest influencer recommending to a friend; to the largest social media influencers promoting to their millions of followers online.

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Recommend practically anything and be rewarded!

If you successfully recommend it, why not be rewarded for it?

Bringing together Vendors, Influencers and Buyers under one 'roof', Emble will revolutionise the influencer and affiliate marketplaces with an innovative platform, open for everyone to use.

We are using the latest AI technology which is opening up exciting new advantages for making intelligent global connections between our user base, leading to effective sales generation and benefits for all users.

"Emble will revolutionise digital advertising on a global scale, becoming the catalyst for the mainstream adoption of affiliate and influencer marketing.


We are creating an open, evenly-distributed marketplace that will cultivate the most powerful, effective and profitable method of advertising available."

Adam Boughey - CEO Emble